Python developer

10 Years of experience in multiplatform desktop application development

Main capabilities

  • IT support and server management
  • Python and C++ developer for desktop applications
  • Flutter (Dart) developer
  • Basic Flask experience
  • Server management
  • Linux development
  • macOS management
  • Devops (Git, Azure, TFS, CI/CD)

Working experience

Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (Brazil branch)


POSITIONS: IT Support, Audio Engineer and Desktop Application Developer


  • Administration work in a macOS environment (server and desktop)
  • Helping users to integrate Active Directory features on macOS
  • Created a desktop application to manage audio and video projects workflow
  • Participation of various streaming teams for countrywide events
  • Developed and managed various script-based tools to use in audio and video production workflow
  • Managed tape-based storage system
  • Received audio engineering training and worked with various ebook reading, dubbing and voice-over projects
  • Developed various multi-platform desktop applications to help with the audio and video workflow
  • Worked closely to Audacity developers in order to improve some specific tools, making an own build that becomes the main tool for recording on Remote Translation Offices, used by hundreds of technicians
  • Developed a multi-architecture and multi-type plugin for Loudness metering (AAX, VST, etc)

Open DVD Producer

A modern software to create and generate DVD image with interactive menus and video chapters.

Visit webpage

Open Karaoke Producer

A software to create or edit UltraStar or Performous lyrics files.

Visit webpage


Kingdom Hall Video Mixer is a software to playback videos and songs on Kingdom Halls in a smart way.

Visit webpage


"Theocratic Aid Software" is a software to create documents for announcement boards of Kingdom Halls of Jehovah`s Witnesses.

Visit webpage


Kaso is a modern and simple Point of Sale software.

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Inkscape Output Pro

Plugin for professional output formats, for Inkscape.

Visit Github page